QFQI 2011 AT Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 16~17, NOVEMBER.

We invite you to participate in "The International Meeting on Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information 2011" (QFQI) 2011. The meeting will be held at Seoul National University from November 16 - 17, 2011.

The purpose of this meeting is to promote exchanges of ideas and discussions among leading scientists and students working on the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum information.

The program includes open plenary session, invited talks and poster presentations covering a broad range of topics:

  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory
  • Implementations of Quantum Information Processing
  • The meeting is hosted by Center for Macroscopic Quantum Control (Seoul National University), and supported by Quantum Information Group (Hanyang University), Center for Theoretical Physics (Seoul National University), BK21 Frontier Physics Research Division (Seoul National University) and WCU-SNU BEC Group (Seoul National University).